Refund from admin panel


Has anyone developed or have an add-on that allows admin/vendor to provide a refund/partial re-fund from the admin panel?

This is without the use of requesting a refund from the user via RMA

Usually such modifications are made for specific payment system. What payment service do you use?

But the code is for the RMA system which doesnt rely on the payment system

The idea is that we leverage the funcitonality but just remove the RMA as a prompt and instead have the admin/vendor allowed to trigger

As far as I remember, RMA works with PayPal and Stripe only. The refunds will not be made for other payment systems. It should be done manually.

I mean specifically for PayPal and Stripe

In this case you should see corresponding settings in the Actions tab

What does this show?

We want to be able to trigger refunds without the use of RMAs…

As I said in my first post, separate modification is required for each payment system