Refresh/uncache Js/lib Files

Hello, how can I force a reload of js lib files? I added a plugin to redactor II, and included it in js/tygh/editors/redactor2.editor.js
This worked the first time I included the file. Then, no matter what changes I made to my plugin (js/lib/redactor2/plugins/audio/audio_x.js), always the original first version of the plugin file was loaded.
An intermediate remedy was, to rename the file.

How can I force CS-Cart to update those js/lib files?

(Of course I have autorebuild cache on, and tried to delete caches via the admin-interface manually. Additionally I tried the get-param &cc, no success yet..)

Thank you,


I think, it can be server-side issue. Server can cache js in such a way

I resolved it by setting config['tweaks']['dev_js'] to true.