Refer a friend option

Is there a refer a friend add on for


It is already part of cs-cart. Under addons in the main tab there is the option to start using it or not.


This is the list that I have , but I do not see the refer a friend tab.

Access restrictions

Ads management

Anti Fraud


Comments and reviews

Customers also bought

Gift certificates

Gift Registry

Google Analytics


Live Help


News & e-mails

Order barcode

Product configurator



Reward points


Send the page link to a friend

SEO (requires Apache + mod_rewrite installed)



Wholesale trade

Wish List

Make sure the “Send the page link to a friend” is checked.


I just realized that you might be asking about a general referral to the site (e.g., where points/credit are earned) rather than the product referral. CS-Cart does not currently offer a general site referral capability.


This is what I was asking about as well, under “Viral Marketing” thread.

It would be great if you could reward people for referring friends (for example if they signed up to a newsletter or bought a product). Ideally you would be able to allow reward points to accumulate.

It would be even better if you had the option to combine these credits or rewards with the reward points system you already have in the cs-cart. That way it would be possible for your customers to earn free products every once and a while, just from referring their friends.