Redundant Filter Names

Many of the products that I want to assign features to will share the same name for those features. For example:

In the category “Knobs”, I'd be assigning features for “brand”, “color”, and “type”.

Other categories, such as “bathroom accessories” and “hinges” will also have the features brand", “color”, and “type”.

The problem comes when I try to assign a filter name to these items. For example, if I create the filter name of “brand” in the “knobs” category first, everything is fine. But later, when I go to create a filter for “brand” in another category, when I go to the drop down to select “Filter By”, there appears more than 1 “brand” to choose from. In other words, their are several called “brand”, but in reality, each one is assigned to its own particular category (and of course I have no idea which is which).

Each category I attempt to filter for adds yet another identical entry to the “filter by” drop down, which really adds to the confusion. I could get around this by calling my filters more specific names, such as “Pull brand”, “hinge brand”, and bathroom accessory brand", but that's the name that also winds up on the front end and it doesn't look very appealing to the customer.

I really don't know if I've explained this in an understandable way or not, but if anyone here knows what I mean and could shed some light on how to deal with this issue, I'd appreciate it.

You will need to add Categories where these features or filters need to show.

I am experiencing the same problem. For now I give my feature a temporary name, create a filter for it and afterwards rename my feature.

I would like this too as a request for enhancement. I'm new to this CS-Cart; how to submit a feature request? Copy the topic to the 'Wishlist & Feature Requests'?