Reduce Effort To Upload Images For Every Option Combination

The way the OPTION COMBINATION system works is very difficult for Our business. Let me explain how my site is setup.

I sell fashionable Dresses/Accessories online. Dress #1 is available in 8 colors and in 6 sizes. If you do the math, in the current system there are 48 images that I have to add in OPTION COMBINATION so that all the combinations are covered. OUCH!

I want to use the same image of that particular COLOR of dress for all 6 sizes. Same for the other COLOR of dress. 1 Image of 1 COLOR dress for all 8 sizes of it. Then I only need to add 8 images instead of 48.

Is there a way to do this now? I have 1000 of such dresses/accessories and many of them are available in tons of colors.

Please help us with some solution to this.

Thank you!