Redoing top banner

okay so the company i work for is wanting to change websites and ive been working on this new site with cs cart for weeks now.

They want me to get rid of the old site to switch to new.

On the old site: : if you wook at the top of the page it has a green white and red header. Im wanting to move to the top of the new site:

As you see right now i kind of have it done, but i would like to somehow stretch that image across the top, and also if you look at the new site how i kind of have the image already on there, look at the call us toll free: 800-752 part. There are 3 words, home, contact us, site map. I want to get rid of that, anyone know how?

Thanks in advance

Hi harpersmoto. It looks like you figured out the answer to this. The company I work for is wanting to stretch the website pretty much like yours is right now at My companys site is Could you tell em how to do this? I dont meant I hijack your thread. I hope you dont mind.