Redish skin bug. Wrong in IE7

Hello Gentlemen

I’m trying to finish my Redish skin design and just spotted some differences on my website when testing in different browsers. IE8 and Firefox display it with no issues, but when tested in IE7 or 6 as well as in some Linux browsers, things do not look good.

Even when tested on the CS DEMO, Things colapse and overlay each other when smaller logo is in use. Can’t get this fixed. I would say, this is a bug and maybe some good samaritans from CS or guys here can help. Thank you.

Pic attached.


Hey Noman,

Give this a quick try unless you already have. Try adding this code as the first line to /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/meta.tpl

{hook name="index:meta"}

Hi Struck

Thanks for that. Done as per your instruction, but nothing is happening. Still the same.

Hi Noman,

Ok, I give up, everything I touch turns to garbage & falls apart anymore… I am no longer able to provide adequate help to anyone because I am working over 80 hours/week to offset the negative effects of the recession and end up having to rush through everything causing more harm than good… I hate myself & I Quit!

Just Kidding! :smiley:

How bout this then, do you have the file styles_ie.css in your /customer/ folder ?

Hi S!

Yes, I have styles_ie.css in my /customer/ folder and my wife also has… just kidding!

Even when you look at the CS Demo website and select the Redish one, same thing happens. It must be a bug. My skin looks like someone cut the top off. The store skin of course.

[QUOTE]Yes, I have styles_ie.css in my /customer/ folder and my wife also has… just kidding![/QUOTE]

Noman, I have no clue what in the world you are talking about, I can only imagine, however, I am sure it must be funny! :smiley:

BTW, it appears your new wife is actually starting to slooooowly make some progress in molding you into the man of her dreams!