Redirect Subdomain To Cart Page

I use to have a Wordpress blog that was hosted at The blog was pointing to the /blog folder off the public_html. What I did was move all of my Wordpress posts to the cart as newsletters. I then changed the dispatch id of “news.list” to “blog” in SEO Rules.

So basically, has become

Now, was not working because the /blog folder was still off the public_html folder. Once I deleted it, /blog showed up as the news feed.

The problem is, I want to create a redirection from to to view the news list on my cart. BUT when I go to CPANEL > Redirect and create a redirect that way, it adds a folder to public_html called “blog” which has a htacess file coded to redirect the url. The problem is, that added blog folder, is preventing the SEO rule of news.list to blog from working.

remove seo rule.

add it in .htaccess specifying what you need