redirect after login

Hi, i want to redirect users automaticly to certain page after login

anyone know how to do that ?

thanks in advance for your time.


In /include/common/authentication.php at line 212, change




In this example the login will be redirected to the contact us page. Make sure you check all the login from different areas, i.e. checkout, catalog…, i’ve not had a chance to check this fully.

If you want to redirect on logout, change the same line of code at lines 235 and 237.

Hey baballuci, thanks for the fast reply, works like a charm :slight_smile:

Best Regards


Sorry to bring an old thread back from the dead but I cant find this, has this changed in the later releases of CS-Cart? I would like to change the redirect page for when customers log out.


Say if you want to leave users on the same page i.e the checkout when they login how would you do this ? i find that when a user logs in at the checkout they are sent to the homepage ??? anyone have any ideas