Recurring payments


I downloaded the trial version and im currently running it on a local computer using the XAMPP thing im a complete technophobe :oops:

I like what i see with cs-cart, I think its one of the best carts ive come across, but i have a question about the recurring payments module, this will be a make or brake feature for the business im planning to setting up, as the goods ill be selling people will need on a weekly basis so to have this option will take alot of the hassle out of doing things manually.

How does this feature work exacally? as I cant fully test is because i cant activate the payments option as its not hosted properly.

Is it completely automated? i.e are payments taken automatically and orders produced for them, or do you have to click things to send the payment to the payment processor etc

Thanks :smiley:

I’m also very interested in this feature, and couldn’t find enough info about the functionality and implementation. Would be also interesting to see live examples of the implementation if anyone is already using it.

by the way, some info about the recurring payments is in the pfd user manual.

(Sorry, I don’t mean to hijack the thread but this feature is very important for me too and I’d also like to hear more about it… )

I also would be quite interested how the recurring billing works especially in light that we do not store cc information (for obvious reasons) so we would like to allow recurring billings only via PayPal.

Is there a way to achieve this out of the box?

As I recall from testing, you can generate a new order requesting payment by any payment method you currently offer.