Recurring Payments And Remove Cc Info

So I have a question, how does one configure recurring payments and remove CC info to work together? We enabled remove CC info and our recurring payments started failing. I suppose it makes sense but then how can we perform both tasks? We do not want to store CC info for security reasons but have popular products that are on a recurring payment plan.

This cart is running 3.0.6.

difficult to advise without knowing how recurring system works in your site…

anyway if you use the default CS-Cart “Recurring billing” module, it is impossible to use feature for CC info removal.

the secure solution is to integrate recurring payments with an on-line payment gateway (of course, chosen payment gateway must support it). in such solutions on first purchase cc info is captured by payment gateway and on next payments payment gateway does not request it

if such an integration is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us

Additional code modifications are required to make it. We are at your service