Recurring Payment / Subscription ?

Hi out there. I want to sell some of my products on supscriptions. it seems that this is not longer supported by cscart 4. ?

i have an stripe integration and maybe I could do it true stipe somehow. they have a lot of options: but i don't know how Im gone a integrate it.

i have tried this: and set up a free accont and connected with stripe.

I paste the first code in the headtag in index and the second one on a product descriptions.

If someone have any idea on how to fix it so I can subrscripe coustomers on a product I will be more than happy. Have anyone of you supricription some how?

My store:

Hi there,

You can contact us for full integration of stripe recurring with your cs-cart site.

For more contact us or ask any query here:

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Himanshu Dangwal

I am afraid additional code modification is required to integrate it properly. Our team will be happy to create this modification for you. Feel free to contact us