Recurring Billing / Subscriptions


I’ve been trying to implement a recurring billing / subscription program using the “Recurring Billing” Add-On, however it seems rather hard to figure out the intended experience. If a person purchases a subscription, I believe right now they get a message popup saying their order is incomplete? And then receive an email saying they have to pay the subscription manually. This seems rather laborious and not very fun to deal with as a customer.

Is there a way to make it so if they purchase a subscription for say Item-A for 30 days, they make the payment then and there, and every 30 days they get billed and the product is sent to them automatically (seems rather ideal and logical).

Perhaps I didn’t set up the recurring billing addon properly? Please if anyone has experience with the Recurring Billing Add-On, I’d greatly appreciate any help with the configurations of the module. I can’t find much documentation on it.

Thanks in advance!

I am wondering about this too, not wanting to have to pay manually. Using 2Checkout.