Recreating thumbnails

Hi all, I've recently resized my thumbnails and followed the instructions to clear the thumbnail cache in the knowledge base.

Problem is, my new thumbs at the new size are not displaying. There are no thumbnail images at all.

How do i get CS Cart to recreate the various thumbs at the new size?



I have recently changed all my thumbnail sizes and they just appeared the right size - didn't even have to clear the cache - as soon as the page was refreshed they were updated.

The biggest challenge I found was working out which setting is for which thumbnail, so it is quite possible you have changed the wrong one as the difference between them is confusing. For instance the “Category list thumbnail” is not the thumbnail on the category page (next to where the sub-categories are listed), this is “category details page thumbnail”. I couldn't see a problem with the wording or how to do it better - but I just found it difficult to work out which is which and ended up making a big change and then working out what had changed.

I couldn't find a way to change the thumbnail size of the “compact list” - i.e. the list of products shown as a compact list on the category page, so I concluded that not all the thumbnail sizes can be changed on the thumbnails page (someone correct me if I am wrong).

I would recommend changing some of the other settings to see if you have changed the right one.

Thanks for that. So far, Im noticing that the products with no options are getting the thumbnail recreated, but any product with option variants are not. I'll keep investigating…