Recommended Products On Product Display Page

Hello, I am a new user of cs-cart, and need some help here:

Is it possible to add a recommended product lists at each product page.

  1. the recommended product lists should be related with the product displayed on this page.

  2. I also want to manually create a recommended list that similar to “wear with it” section at some fashion websites, that can display items that together with the main product displayed on the page are able to create a completed outfit together.

    Thanks! :)

You can checkout cs-cart block/layout system and CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Plase take a look at this add-on:

Automatic Cross-Selling, UpSelling, Related Products

You can alos enable the Customers also bought add-on. It will add a new filling to the block with products. This module enables you to display a list of products that are usually bought together with the product that your customers are currently viewing.

Thanks, all! Very helpful indeed. Having looked all 3 options, I am going to use the related-product block, which is able to satisfy me at this stage. Will apply the other two options when the business get bigger.


Sorry cscartrokcs, I accidentally clicked wrong button and gave you a negative vote. How silly! Forgive me please.:)

For projects where you have 1000s or even 10,000s of products and need your import / export process to create those relations, we change the import process to include those relations./ There's no way a client can assign related products manually for a catalog of this size, so having extra fields in the import makes it manageable.

You just add the product IDs you want to show as related products and it creates the thumb, price, name, etc all clickable of course.

We're going live with this project at the end of this month, so I'll post examples then.

I like Thom's plugin above for automating things if you want it random … seems like a life saver.