Recommend the best slider for CS-Cart Home page

Well, we have tried every slider listed on the CS-Cart website forum.

Conclusion: After a 10-hour evaluation, none work ‘out of the box’ on a standard new CS-Cart installation.

All require much customization, tweaking &/or .tpl file editing. This makes for a not-so-safe upgrade to CS-cart when the next version comes out.

Our challenge:

A slider addon (not using Flash) that has an easy installation, self-editing configuration, uploading of images and settings. No .tpl edits or hand coding.

Thus far,we’ve tried every one and they all fail at some point, even the paid versions. The closest match so far is Magic Slider, but the documentation fails at the final point of turning it on and adding images, and won’t work on a CS-cart home page.

Please don’t recommend one you finally got to work and are happy with, as our customers refrain from extra labor costs. It has to work the first time and with no coding.


I'm not really sure what the difference is between a rotator and a slider, but my favorite banner rotator is the one from CodingStaff at

I know Seonid has a really nice one too, but I've never personally used it.

I hope that helps,


jleahy, that’s a big of a grim look mate. I’ve tried 3 or 4 and all work fine. For me:

The best is the one from Seonid (this is my slider of choice since it’s the only one that can handle multilanguage slides!)

The Coding Staff is also good. Just see that you upload the files to your server correctly, I remember there being some confusion for some people.

I also posted a free one online here that is super easy to install and to work with. See http://forum.cs-cart…-cant-remember/

You might want to try that one first :)

Thank you for your responses.

The objective was not to just get one to work, but a plugin that did not require code tweaking or changing files.


Coding Staff js-banner: Already on forum. Appears intended use as on their site as a product thumbnail slider, not a banner slideshow.

Seonid: Looks ok. Not sure if the UI from within CS-Cart requires altering any default CS-Cart code?

The free ccc-slider: Tried it. It looked promising, using Nivo, but failed in the current version of CS-Cart.


Magic Slider has a fully functional UI, requires no code alteration and a simple upload. Additionally, it allows placing slides on any block in the store, all manageable from the UI provided. This the winner.

Thanks again,


I’m not saying the Magic Slider is bad (it’s probably great, I just didn’t try it) but in all fairness:

  1. The coding staff slider is not a product thumbnail slider. They just demo it like that on their website. I use it for big sliders on my homepage.

  2. Seonids slider does not need any code altering. You can set it up completely in the admin area.

  3. The free ccc-slider works with cs-cart banners add-on without any code altering. In the topic I posted even some completely inexperienced people managed to install it :)


i m new to cs-cart.

can u help me to add slider for product thumbnail images that is for show bellow … on product details page…

I think, the best slider of now is the 'WOW slider' it looks great.

It is not free, but the price of $69 is a good price(i think)?

See: jQuery Slider w/o Coding : jQuery Slideshow : 2022

Has someone this slider already?

Please tell me somebody uses: Wow Slider, if so, how did you manage to install it.

You are aware that the 3 branch has a slider on board?

[quote name='mahsut' timestamp='1363610923' post='157997']

Please tell me somebody uses: Wow Slider, if so, how did you manage to install it.


I have coded an addon for WOW Slider.

Example is loaded up at

[quote name='requincreative' timestamp='1363631072' post='158029']

I have coded an addon for WOW Slider.

Example is loaded up at


Excellent addon, can you please provide the correct link to the demo as this does not work. Thank you

It works with no trailing slash in the URL: [url=“”][/url]