Recommend a CS Web Designer

ThomH seems to know the CS templates pretty well:

[url]Search results


I would suggest that it is difficult to find a single individual that can both create artistic and appealing websites and provide good technical skills as well. Either is somewhat common, both together are rare.

Take a look at recently launched by Terry Andrews ( Her eye for composition comes from many years as a pastel artist (landscapes and portraits – I’m a little prejudice as I do the technical work for her.

You can see our lastest project here.

If you need custom design we make it with pleasure.


Thank you, it seems that you are good in mods. :slight_smile:


I offer professional, highly customised CS-CART design. Here are some examples from my portfolio;

You can contact me through my site

Your host must be down Matt. None of those sites are resolving

They all resolved on my side.

[quote name=‘S-Combs’]Your host must be down Matt. None of those sites are resolving[/quote]

The websites are down. Melbourne, Victoria 10:39Pm EST time.

Weird - I don’t have any issues accessing my sites, what errors are displayed?

thats strange (from Cleveland, OHIO, USA)

although very slow, the sites resolved from my home computer, but from here at the office (a different ISP, one of the largest here), does not resolve.

Getting the Cannot Find Server Error

They all resolve for me, NY.

I would however say beware of Aussie developers, they TALK FUNNY! :p:p

If it’s a work computer, you might be running into a firewall. Although, that would mean it should be blocking your site instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


My Office computer is MY office computer…


took me a minute to figure that one out Matt


Thanks for the feedback everyone. If any one has any issues accessing my sites please PM me your ISP so i can follow it up with them, I guess it’s some sort of DNS issue with certain providers?

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]They all resolve for me, NY.

I would however say beware of Aussie developers, they TALK FUNNY! :p:p[/quote]

Ironically I lead the post tally with my FUNNY TALK :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes you think that we can’t understand the nasal americans :rolleyes:

I still cannot load any of those sites from my home or office Matt

I have Roadrunner residential at home and Roadrunner business class at the office. Both in Northeast Ohio

Mike: I see you are in Cleveland. I just relocated from Bedford Hts. back to Akron. We are nearly neighbors :stuck_out_tongue:

OK…I use Time Warner (Road Runner) too…


Strongsville, OH here

Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback, I have contacted RoadRunner, North East Ohio via chat support, they were very helpful and checked out the sites - which they could access no worries. Unfortunately they couldn’t offer any solution except adding the sites to a trusted zone in IE which isn’t really practical of course!

I did notice that when I tried to load the RR site it was slow over my connection, so maybe the link isn’t so great from Sydney to Ohio…a few search results in Google for RoadRunner and DNS described a similar situation where if the connection was slow RR would return an error and offer related search results - as if the domain was entered as a typo?

I obviously would like to get to the bottom of it but I am a stuck for ideas.

Sorry for unintentionally hijacking the thread Cloud…

I can’t even ping the addresses from home or office so that rules out the IE issue.


Ping request could not find host Please check the name

and try again.[/QUOTE]

I can trace route them from one of my web servers in Dallas Texas at the Softlayer data center.

[QUOTE]root@xq41 [~]# traceroute

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets[/QUOTE]

It appears your host is blocking my Roadrunner IP ranges from accessing it’s servers.



Ya the flock was done by me.

Let me know if you need any help.

Hey Bossman, is the color picker you have on the flock site something you custom coded or had cs dev do? that’s a nice added touch to your site and a job well done…