Recently Purchased Products Lightbox Pop Up Add-On

Instil confidence and trust in your potential customers by using our “Recently Purchased Products” pop-up add-on.

The add-on will show a little pop-up showing what other customers recently purchased. This has a double benefit, it will show people that your website is frequented and other people also purchasing from you and at the same time it may also give suggestions what other people purchased and customers can click on the link to view the item.

The add-on comes with several configuration options:[list]

[]You can specify whether to show the location (suburb) of the customer

]You can specify whether to show when the item was purchased for instance five minutes ago, two days ago.

[]You can specify which orders to show by minute, hour or day.

]You can specify where the pop-up should appear

[]You can specify how long the pop-up is displayed

]You can specify the interval between pop-ups

[*]You can specify whether to show the price of the product


The add-on comes with free installation and 12month support and updates

Compatible with version 3x and 4x

You can see it at work here:


You can purchase it for AU$99 (incl 12 month updates and support) here