Real-Time Parcel Tracking

Is there any interest in EZ Merchant Solutions - Parcel Tracking addon for USPS and UPS for V4? We have it for V2 and V3 and are on the fence for whether to invest in V4 port or not.

The documentation is here. And we were considering adding the ability to automatically change the status upon detection of delivery.

Anyway, just curious of the amount of interest. Our customers that use it, love it. But like most things, need a certain number of customers to make the investment profitable.


I would if it included FedEx.


I didn't know you had this addon! This is nice.

I'll add this to a v4 store as soon as I upgrade from v3.

ditto on a FedEx option.

Unfortunately, FedEx's API pretty much sucks (so does USPS). Will have to investigate whether it's reasonable to do.