Real costs to using PCI Compliance on your Site

Hi to all in the forum this is my first message. Big fan of those that make this one of the most informative place for all that is cs cart need to know. You know who you are and for that I and many more thank you. :smiley: :smiley:

Can someone with good understanding of what PCI is and it’s policy explain what are the real costs associated with having a cs cart PCI compliant.

I have read many of the links on other post about PCI, but it seems to me and this is where I am not sure, but it seems that a small business owner may have to pay a lot in fees ( Are they a one time fee or monthly payments ) that may not make it worth opening a shop especially when we are talking about a small business that is starting out with limited resources and cash flow.

What about the need to perform test on your system like installing a firewall and antivirus software ( Do these have to be a payed version software or can it be a free version )… How often are they performed I read that you can perform a self

test is that true.

Is there a minimal amount in sales that is need to have your site PCI compliance…

I am looking to use PayPal Pro and SSL on my store… FYI