Ready to go live-need suggestions

I am about to go live with my site.

The test site is at [url][/url]

I had made an html only site with Paypal’s add to cart buttons but I needed a more complete solution. I had CS-Cart integrate the site with the cart for a reasonable cost.

My SEO is very high on the old site under my main search terms. I was worried that might change because of the extra code due to the cart. What I did was set the main page to a static HTML file but added in Search and Login. I changed the links on the page to go to the SEO coded links from the cart. After the user clicks on any links they are full time in the cart.

Please note the product pages, the minicart and the custom categories.

With that all said, please let me know on the design side what I could improve upon.

Lastly, I want to thank everybody on this forum for all of their hard work in helping answer questions. It has saved me at least a few gray hairs…



Ive gotta say, I took a look around your html site the other day, where you used the paypal cart…

I honestly thought I was on the same site for a minute, you have really managed to modify CS to match your original design.

I like it, its unique and your customers wont think they are on the wrong website…

only thing i see is that you have XHTML compliance links but your site isnt compliant.

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]only thing i see is that you have XHTML compliance links but your site isnt compliant.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for reminding me. I removed that from the home page but still need to take it out of the cart pages.


on that note, fixing the xhtml errors took me about 6 hours in all…

from closing tags properly to adding autocloses, its definatly a worthwhile job…

trouble is, I changed my base template… so gotta do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

As your doing that, tables jump out at you which you realise can be removed as they really are redundant. I stripped about 100 tables from the code without affecting anything (and that wasnt even part of the conversion to div’s)