Reading From Blob


I am trying to put a specs together for ERP integration company (integration CS-Cart 4.3.2 <-> ERP).

We would be pulling info about orders.

My particular question is, is it possible to pull data from BLOBS and how can I even check whats inside them?

For example, I would need some kind of flag for a product in order that has any product options selected. Is that info inside BLOBS?

Same question regarding custom field in profile fields, I imagine it also must be stored in BLOB.

I cannot see that data in cs-cart tables fields, so hence I assume its in BLOB.

I think ERP will use CS-Cart's API for pulling data.

Generally in cs-cart, instead of using BLOBS, they use TEXT fields and then all data in them is serialized. When it's read it is unserialized.

Would be best for your familiarity to either use the API (which will do all of that for you) or to use the business layer functions like fn_get_order_info().