Re-send download links

After a customer purchases some digital goods from my store, they would automatically get the File Access email which has the download links. This is useful if you are doing a guest checkout.

The problem is sometimes they lose those emails (or check out with the wrong email), and so I have to resend them those links. Problem is there is no button to do that!

I did a search and it says if you change the order status from Complete->Processed->Complete it would resend it, but I tested it and it doesn’t work. This was for 1.x anyways…

Is there a way to do this? It seems like a glaring omission…



I think what you want to do is change the download link (downloads tab in the order) from Active → Inactive → Active ensuring that the time frame is appropriate.

There is no active/inactive button in the download tab, here is a screenshot:

I guess there is no way to do this? (I am running the Vendor's edition)

Staff? Anyone?

Did you try what I suggested above?

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Did you try what I suggested above?


Dude, did you read my message? I directly replied to your suggestion, and not only that I put up a screenshot for you to see. There is no active/inactive button in my edition.


Did you ever find a solution?

I abandoned CS-Cart a couple of years ago because it does not handle digital goods transactions very well. If I remember correctly, the problem I had was that it did not always send the email with the download links and when it did, the links did not work correctly. I believe they fixed the problem with the links but the emails still do not always get sent because of the way CS-Cart verifies PayPal payments. At least that’s what my current tests are showing.

I’m working on a new site and I would like to try CS-Cart again but my preliminary testing leads me to believe they never improved CS-Cart’s support of digital goods.

[color=#FF0000]UPDATE - 7/30/12:[/color]

I’ve done a lot more tweaking and testing so I thought I would post my findings. I find that CS-Cart v3.x is working just fine with downloadable products when using PayPal Express.

I would not recommend PayPal Standard because I had some hiccups with it.

This is only my opinion but I feel there are three major issues when using PayPal Express in CS-Cart:[list=1]

[]CS-Cart puts a PayPal Express button on the cart page. When customers click on it, they bypass the checkout page and get redirected to PayPal where they have to fill out the form then they get redirected back to CS-cart where they have to perform more steps to complete the transaction. This can be confusing to customers and gives an amateurish feel to the process.

]PayPal Express requires the customer to use or open a PayPal account by default. They can’t just pay with a credit card.

[*]According to my testing and CS-Cart Staff, CS-Cart does not support eCheck payments so there is potential to lose a sale.


The first two issues can be overcome by editing a couple of templates. Simply hide the button so customers have to use CS-Cart checkout and edit the processor file to change PayPal’s default behavior to allow payment without an account.

Now I’m a happy camper :grin:

I try digital goods and think they work fine in 3.0.

And your customers can download the products from their account in your website. ( and from the link that you send by email).