Re-arrange products Pos. in Blocks

My shop uses blocks for laying out products on a page so i can have a single page layout with multiple categories. By using blocks instead of categories i have a lot more control over my layout.

But, one huge thing missing from cs-cart is the ability to re-arrange the order of products in Blocks < Content.

Right now if you put products into a block, you can’t easily re-arrange them. Adding a new product by default puts it at the end of the list. If you want the new product to be at the top/start of the block you have to delete every product from the block and manually add them in the order you want.

It would be a big addition to add a “Pos.” field to blocks < content for product based blocks so we can arrange items on the fly with a number just like we can with categories.

I’m not sure what’s involved in the coding end for this but since blocks have become more of a central feature of cs-cart, it seems like a useful addition to making them even more versatile.


Agreed that's a bit of a PITA. Why the product block types don't inherit the Position value set for the Product on the admin Products page, I do not know. Yet another basic feature request.

Another addition to make to Blocks if someone starts poking around that code:

1. Different Block titles for Admin and customer view

  • It would be great to be able to title a Block in admin for reference but give it a different title that shows up on the shop.

    At the moment, what you title the block is what shows up on both the shop and admin view and that makes it hard to give them reference titles.

    This would be useful for those of us who use Blocks as a layout tool rather than just for widgets.

    It would be good to have the option in Admin to give the block a different title so we could have “t-shirts top position” and “t-shirts lower position” but on the customer end it just lists as “t-shirts”.

    The only way to do this at the moment is to make a customer wrapper for the block with a hard title in the template so the customer sees that. It would be tidier if we could just title the block in the setup rather than make new files.


Upgraded to the lastest Cs-Cart since posting this original request for adding POS field for products in blocks for easier management of their arrangement and still no luck. :-(

Currently we can still only place a new product at the end of the list of products in manually filled product blocks rather than position that new addition anywhere in the list using POS field.

If i have 10 products in a manually filled product block, then we get a new addition to the store - i want to make it the 1st position, not the last position - that means deleting every product and re-stacking the block - should be able to just give each product a POS number and have it sort from that.


Dear friends,

We have just released new add-on: Products block positions. We hope it will be useful for you. Cost is $15. Here is topic.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.