Rating Review etc..

How can enable the ratings, review etc… all at once instead doing it for each individual products?

Enable the type of reviews you’d like on one of your products.

Do a product export.

Open the spreadsheet and find that product by it’s product code on the spreadsheet and find the box for cell for reviews.

Then copy and paste so all of the other product review cells for other products are are the same as the product you manually changed before the export.

Resave and upload.


Go to manage products and select all…go through each page of product lists, selecting all on each page then clicking the button at the bottom to modify selected products. Uncheck all of the boxes but the ‘Reviews’ box above the modify button.

If you have thousands of products…the export will be easier.

check here: [url]http://vb.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=1893&highlight=reviews[/url]