Rate Areas With >50 Countries

No clue what is going on, but when I add >50 countries in a rate area, it no longer finds a match for countries that are within the selected group! As soon as I remove a number of a countries and reach 50, it starts to find matches.

I would be surprised this is normal behaviour.

I am not yet life with my site, but am sure this worked pre 14.2

Anyone else having the same?

Just to demonstrate the issue:


Cant be I am the only one with this issue! Looking forward if others suffer form the same.

This is the first time I implemented an upgrade, but now realize I should always wait some months with doing so.

Am I now forced to buy support to fix this bug?

Just retried this on 4.11 and there the behaviour is ok. Seems definitely a 4.12 issue

maybe post in bug tracker


maybe post in bug tracker


I'm a newby and not allowed to post in bugtracker......


FInally issues fixed (for how long???) when I emptied the varies shipping method related tables in the database.