Rate Areas... Shipping Setting

At Admin level, we define various rate areas.

At Vendor level, All thes rate areas tabs are shown unfortunately for every Vendor despite the fact that at admin level we have defined certain rate areas solely for specific vendors.

How we can show specifick rate areas etc only for specific vendor (s).


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Did you find any solution/workaround for this issue? - we are encountering the same problem

In particular, we cannot restrict rate areas by vendors. This means that any time we add a new rate area, the rate area appears for all vendors and we need to reconfigure the shipping methods for all vendors and provide charges for the new rate area...

maybe bit offtopic but its kind of confusing. If I got country among default list and in its separate rate area, in shipping method even for default area price is set but specific area is not even added to list, testing rates I get error as if rate is not defined for that location.
It somehow prioritize one rate area over other...

Have not checked current versions, but it used to be that you had to expressly "grant" a vendor access to any site-wide shipping methods. Has this now changed and they're inherited automatically?