Ranking on Google's first page

There is only one thing: anchored links (of course you need relevant content too).

Inbound links pointing at your web page, and that contain the keyword(s) that you’re trying to get ranked for.

But on the other site, there is no room for second place when it comes to search engine optimization.

More then 60% of all users clicking on results found on the first page of a search engine result page (SERP).

From this 60% of users only 40% click the #1 page on the 1st page of Google.

… and now the disaster.

The #2 page get 12%, #5 get 5% and #10 less then 3% of visitors for a search term.

And at the end: How many of the visitors, who landing on your page will buy?

0.5% - 6% is a average, high side 15%.

It is all about traffic you are targeting! If you are getting bad quality traffic to your site from places like the Web 2.0 sites & other places that drive visitors who don’t buy anything and have no desire to buy - you’re going to need an insane amount of traffic.

So, let’s go to build the “right” traffic!