Random products addon

Just got random products addon coded for me. Works on v3.0.2 and 3.0.3

What it does:

  1. Shows random products in block from specified category (see example here at the page bottom: [url=“http://www.kalediniai-atvirukai.lt/”]kalediniai-atvirukai.lt - Užregistruotas domenas - Interneto vizija)
  2. Shows random products in block from same category in product page (see example here http://www.kaledinia…inimas-222.html)

    How it works?

    Upload addon to addons catalog

    Enable it in admin

    Create new block “Random products”

    Set categories “manualy” (if you want to show products from specified categories) or set “similar”[color=#ff0000] at products page only![/color] (shows products in random order from same category where product is)

    Need to know!

    It doesn't show products at all when in block editor template set to products grid! in 3.0.2 version. Everything is ok on 3.0.3. As programmer informed me this is default CS-Cart bug

    I somebody needs this addon PM me, price $25. Payments accepted by PayPall only.

edit… I posted in wrong thread