radio box for shipping methods in checkout

So i found a way sorta to put shipping options up on the checkout that displays the shipping options via radio box without prices.

So essentially it just shows what methods we use and they can click on the method using the radio box.

Here is the code:

Please select shipping method:

UPS Ground

UPS Two Day

UPS Next Day


USPS Priority

Two problems with this though.

1. when i added this code through languages in the "select_shipping_methods" box it shows up on the checkout but this is where it gets a little odd.

Usually when you click an option on the radio box you can only select one, but not here, it lets you select all of the options if you want! maybe the code is a little screwed up, not sure. And also when you hit continue and goes to the next screen to place the order, i hit the "place order" button and it goes to my hosting page saying "page has been removed or no longer available"

2. If i can get this code to work i need to figure out how i can get this to show up on the orders tab under the customers order on the admin page.

Maybe someone can help me figure this out cause i know it could help alot of other people to who dont have shipping weights or anything on there site.

Okay so i went ahead and changed that code that you linked me to.

I took the submit form part out of the code of the radio box and added that back into the languages under “select_shipping_method”

So it processes the order now but it still lets me select multiple shipping options under the radio box and it still dont show the shipping method in the order page on the admin page?

Any idea what to do now?


any help would be fantastic!