I’ve had my nose in this all of a couple days now still pretty new. That said, things are coming together nicely and after spending a number of years with a heavily customized Perl/CGI cart this is a breath of fresh air. Anyway two questions…

How are folks implementing request for quotes. Alot of our products are heavily customized and require some back and forth with the customer. It apears I could setup a payment type of quotation with the offline payment gate if I want to send them though the checkout…but maybe something on a product page where they can shoot off a request for more info on that particular product. Thoughts? and does anyone have examples.

Second question…is there are a block type which supports a java script…like a clickable authorize.net banner or some of the other certs we will want to put up on our page…I been getting up to speed with Smarty and thats pretty cool and I modified a template to put our floating SSL cert up there…so I could go that route I suppose also…

This cart looks really nice and I suspect we will get through our ‘trial’ period waaay ahead of plan :stuck_out_tongue:

Snorocket is working towards a quotation/invoicing manger. There is some info floating around the forums. You can look here for a start:


I think you can put javascript in a text banner and then use a block type of “banner”.


Yes the text banner was just what I was looking for…I need to fiddle with it a bit, but looks good. Thanks!