Quickbooks / Shipping Integration

First off, I'm using latest version of cs-cart. So, has it been settled as to which is the best solution for exporting orders to quickbooks? Sadly, it seems like the built in thing is useless according to previous posts. Anyone have first hand reports of Atandra Standard edition? or anything else to link the quickbooks to cs-cart?

How about shipping? Doesn't need to be linked to quickbooks for me, but to cs-cart. Any first hand reports on shippingkit.com, or shiprush integration with cs-cart? Everything working?

I just moved to a new server, which halved my cs-cart speed and moving closer to final setup and launch, unless perhaps the quickbooks and shipping things are too clunky and don't work as they should. These are really needed. Any input would be appreciated towards helping make my final descision (trial will run out soon) to stick with cs-cart or bail in favor of something else.

We have been using Ecc by Webgility for over two years now, there latest version now uses SQL Server Express and can handle most anything you will need to do! They have basically left their competition in the dust…

[url=“http://www.webgility.com/”]Ecommerce Accounting, Inventory Management, Analytics, Profitability and more | Webgility

This is the type of 3rd party integration which you absolutely want to test thoroughly before purchasing, download their 15 day trial and see what you think. ;-)

PS: Incredibly, they also “already” support the upcoming CS-Cart Ultimate (Multi-Store) edition!

PSS: And yes, I have years of experience with T-Hub / Atandra as well.

So, you've used both the quickbooks integration and the shipping integration? It does look and sound awesome. For some reason they don't specifically mention 2.2.4 version though. What's your take on T-hub or any of the others?

I've been extremely impressed with Atandra's T-Hub solution, and the tech support has been outstanding as well. They had a customized script done for me to try out with CS-Cart Ultimate Edition in mere hours after requesting it, BEFORE I even ordered their product.


eCC v3.4 will integrate with CS-Cart and various shipping processors ie. USPS, Stamps.com, Endicia, USPS and Fed ex. eCC allows for two way sync with CS-Cart, so you don't waste time doing redundant work. Please feel free to sign-up for a 15 day trial to test out eCC: [url=“The Modern Commerce Workspace | Webgility”]The Modern Commerce Workspace | Webgility



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