Quickbooks From CS CArt need help !!

how do i export from cs cart to quickbook pro 2006 the question i have is why wont it work when i click on the export to quickbooks in the orders area it shows up as orders.iif when it is downloaded but in quickbooks i dont see the orders.iif file what must i do to get this into quickbooks ?

can someone walk me thru the s teps please please please !!!

i will take a crack at this from memory…(I have not set it up yet, but did play with it)

To practice, I setup a ‘test’ company in QBooks…

I exported (from the admin page of cscart) to my desktop (orders.iif)

Utilizing the File—>Import feature on QBooks, I located the .iif file on my desktop and imported it into the test company i setup.

I made sure I had the appropriate (matching) Items setup, and it worked fine.

I have not attempted to import into my operating copy of QBooks yet, but I imagine if you have the matching items (categories) it should work.

Make sure you backup your QB right before you attempt the import into your operating copy.

I thought you need to select the orders you want to export.

[quote name=‘baballuci’]I thought you need to select the orders you want to export.[/QUOTE]

This is correct…under View Orders

…my bad…


We’re trying to do the same thing. When we export from CS-Cart 1.3.5 as an .IIF file and then import into Quickbooks it works but does not populate the data correctly…

It adds the tax and shipping as separate items to the customer invoices and completely ignores the tax (VAT) amount columns and subtotal.

Also, all of the customers’ (except for the first customer to be imported) address data is not populated correctly.

Please help!


You need to check if the iif file is in us format - you may need to make changes for the uk version.

page where do you check if the iif file is us version… I have the same thing happening a seperate row for the product and then the tax - and then my tax column showing NON…

I opened the export_to_iif.tpl to take a peek and see if perhaps some quick changes would assist - well needless to say that page is all another language to me and I am a programmer :slight_smile:

hoping maybe a setting will help - using QB Pro 2008


Hello MikeFold,

I know you had helped me out in the past, hopefully you can assist me again.

We are trying to “export orders to quickbooks” and when I go to import the iif file, it give me a popup in quickbooks, " the Tax field cannot be left blank, even for non-taxable customers and sales which have no taxable items, so non-taxable sales will be correct for this district." and when I click OK, it give me errors on the certain lines. I think it reads the tax info wrong, and will not import the invoices correct. Is there a setting I’m supposed to change or make match so that this tax field isn’t an issue anymore?


I have the same problem as DAvido above

“The tax field cannot be left blank, even for non-taxable customers and sales which have no taxable items, so non-taxable sales will be correct for this district”.

The export from Cs-Cart SEEMS to be fine, but importing is IMPOSSIBLE with the tax column coming out with insufficient info.

I even went in and created a NON-CA tax at 0 for all other states but California, where i need to collect sales tax. Nada, did nothing to the export.

If you say you have the ability to export QB files as a feature of your cart, that SHOULD MEAN that the import works as well, otherwise…

Please help, and many thanx in advance.




The bugs that we have found with the Quickbooks/CS-Cart export/import function are the following:

  1. Make sure there are no “quotes” in any of the comments fields. This is pretty much a standard error with any export/import.
  2. Make sure there are no places where you or the customer hit the “enter” key in the comments fields.
  3. Any CS import will erase your product “cost” you have within Quickbooks. So you will have to reset your cost on your inventory EVERY TIME you do an import. This is a very bad bug.
  4. The default vendor for product will be erased.
  5. For some reason CS puts the “tax” information on seperate lines after each product a customer orders. This isn’t really a bug, but it makes it hard to read an order. It looks like it may be a setting from the UK, but in the US we put the tax for the whole order at the bottom.

    Other than that, we have been importing orders from CS on a daily basis for at least 7 months now. So the export/imort function does work, I guess there may just be something in your settings that is wrong.