Quickbooks export question...

Hi all,

I must just be dense, I can’t find where the Quickbooks export is for products. Could someone please tell me the path? I’ve been all over the manual and forums (and the admin interface) and just can’t find it.

Please help…

Under admin/settings/modules you can activate the module to export order data into quickbooks. From your question I assume you are wanting to track inventory and setup stock items exported from cscart into Quickbooks Inventory.

You might like to take a look at the Quickbooks importing feature which relies on “mapping” - matching quickbooks fields to columns in Excel csv files for instance.

You can export a products.csv from cscart to csv, tweak the csv files and then import via the mapping process into Quickbooks. You control how each column of information in your spreadsheet is brought into QB on a one column to one QB field basis. These are called mappings. You can have some standard mappings setup such as item list updates, …This works well with initial setup of items (code, prod, avail…) . Really you want to avoid having to enter data more than once. This way you can enter the item data into cscart and import it into QB using mappings.

I did run our accounting system this way for one financial year but perpetual inventory accounting takes time to keep updated. Time I prefer to spend other ways developing the business. These days I create non website orders in cscart backend which keeps out stock levels accurate and regularly export and archive monthly sales reports to csv files. The bank statement net downloads track receipts and payments in our accounting software and cscart tracks our inventory. It depends on your business. Either way a physical stock count at end of financial year is still required.

Hope it helps