Quickbook VAT Help Please

Hi all, I am playing with Quickbooks atm and have got my invoices imported which is cool, however the VAT element is being classed as an item on the invoices, and ideally I want that showing as proper VAT in quickbooks however for love nor money can get it to act as VAT in the program so that I can get VAT reports etc etc as being an item the TAX element is not seen as TAX in the program.

Any help here would be really really appreciated.

Thank you

This VAT tax would be considered as an “Item” in Quickbooks, however, open this tax item in qbooks and click edit, then make sure your vat tax item is of type “Sales Tax Item” as this allows qbooks to properly handle for tax reporting purposes as well as proper display on your invoice forms.

Hi Struck

Thanks for the help, I went into Edit>Item List however its listing TAX as a service at the moment and it wont let me change that. :frowning:


You may have to create a new tax item & make sure the item is of type: Tax Item.

(Reason for this is because Quickbooks will not allow you to edit certain item types you have created prior, thus you need to re-create these.)

Then delete the old Tax item you created previously, if there are any sales transactions already tied to the old tax item, you will need to edit each of those transactions so that you use the newly created tax item before Qbooks will allow you to delete the old item.