Quick way to look up customers phone number or address (state)?

Is there a quick way to look up a customers phone number or address from the admin view? I can't seem to find any way. I had a customer call when I was not home. They didn't leave a message. I wanted to see if there was a quick way to look up their phone number in the system to see who it was. Or even if I could get a quick list of States, I could narrow down his area code. I just have too many users/customers to look through every single one of them. I appreciate any help.

Address, yes. Phone, no.

Go to Customers > Customers in the admin, next to the Name, Company and Email fields, click the arrows icon to load the drop down with address fields to search from.

@StellarBytes. Thanks for the quick response. I didn't even see the little arrow. I got it now. I'll narrow it down by state. I wonder why phone number is not listed there. They fill it out when they register, you would think it would be listed there.

Because phone is a free-form text field versus being limited to numbers only. Hence if you don't type it exactly as the customer entered it (with '-''s, '('s, '.'s etc.) you'd never find it. This is a really old issue in cs-cart. Should store numbers only and have a format selection in admin panel for how it should be displayed.