Quick View

When i use the https://toolbox.seositecheckup.com/
i get some error related to the dispatch=products.quick_view
- dispatch=products.quick_view&product_id=33&prev_url=index.php&n_plain=Y&n_items=33%2C15%2C26%2C170
- dispatch=products.quick_view&product_id=15&prev_url=index.php&n_plain=Y&n_items=33%2C15%2C26%2C170
- dispatch=products.quick_view&product_id=26&prev_url=index.php&n_plain=Y&n_items=33%2C15%2C26%2C170
- dispatch=products.quick_view&product_id=170&prev_url=index.php&n_plain=Y&n_items=33%2C15%2C26%2C170 
And I can not find the category where those products are displayed together
The thing is all of those products individually have their SEO set up correctly.
I was wondering, is there a cashe settings for quick_view?
Or is there any way where i could find why there is the SEO error, and all of them have their SEO setup correctly.

Much obliged.