Quick view css changes

Hi all,

I’m having trouble finding which css file includes border radius for quick view? I would like to change radius to zero, but having trouble finding it.

Anyone knows in which css file it is?

I found some in style.css but there’s no radius there.


For the top left/right corner of the title bar:

.ui-dialog .ui-dialog-titlebar

This also controls the border for the outer wrapper, therefore effects the bottom of the quick view pop-up too, so you'll need to change the border-radius of the following to add a border-radius for the bottom of the quick view:


So if I understand you correctly, I open jqueryui.css, copy both styles to my changes and add the border radius to both styles and this should work?

Did you know: If you use Google Chrome to work on your site you can right click on any part of the page and click on “inspect element” which can dissect the code and allow you to make changes to the code without having them go live on the site. I use this a lot to “preview” what I am doing before I go into the template editor and make the change for good. Good luck!