Quick question on options and pricing.

Firstly a quick hello,

I’m new here and still getting my head round CSCart, but i will try not to bombard you guys with too many stupid questions:D .

The issue i’m having right now is with product options.

I will be selling products that have a LOT of variations in size, and each of these sizes have an individual price. now i have added a size drop down list through options with no problem. however when i add the variations it is expecting to add a figure or percentage to the base price.

Is it possble to just have an individual price for each size and just have it Replace the base figure rather than adding to it?

If thats really not viable is there at least an easy way to stop it from adding the + (£000.000) to the drop down list?

I hope that all makes some sense, sorry if this has been covered a million times before, i did search with limited success.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Not sure about the individual price I think your base price would have to be nil and each other option price would be + the actual cost of the item but to not show the modifier that is in admin /settings/general/ display option modifiers tick box


Thank you thats a great help!

I did consider setting a zero base price but it seemed to just show ‘contact us for price’ if no base price is set…

The problem is that the clients products come in a wide range of sizes and colors and the prices vary not only on price and colour, but to have a different color on a large item will have a different cost to having that color on a medium item etc etc. :roll:

I think there’s nothing for it, i will just have to sit and manually create a different set of options for each colour/size combination (or make the client standardise his pricing:-D ). I just hoped there would be an easier way but at least it won’t be so confusing on the front end now that i can hide the modifier, so thanks again!..

I do have one more quick question and i figured it would be better here than in a new thread…

I have created the skin for the site by copying and modifying an existing skin to suit my needs. the first time i uploaded it there where no issues. however recently i have made a few changes and uploaded the skin again (overwriting the existing files) but the site lost the blocks i had setup meaning i had to go through and recreate them. Is this normal behaviour?

Edit: the image issue is now resolved, case sensitive image names. gonna have to get used to that!

Thanks again.