Quick question about VPS memory?


I’ve not used CS Cart for a few months but am planing on setting up a new site and have been looking at hosting. I prefer VPS hosting as it allows me a little more freedom and control compared to shared hosting.

From reading through a few threads it appears that the amount of memory you have available is very important for CS Cart and I have found some very interesting offers from Future Hosting.

Do you think I would notice any difference if I choose 768MB,1024MB or 1536MB?

The host has advised that all nodes have at least 4 - 8 CPUs, 8 - 32 GB RAM and Raid 10 with SA-SCSI drives for fast I/O.

Any opinions/advice greatly appreciated.

Cue Indy and the martfox sales pitch. LOL :rolleyes:

If you can afford it, I’d go with the max memory.

Thank for the reply. I’ve already looked at them and they can’t compete on price in this case.

Your answer actually depends upon how well your VPS or dedicated server is initially setup and configured. If you attempt to use a default non-optimized configuration supplied by the host then you will be in for many issues with CS-Cart and also security. Dedicated systems are great because of the freedom they provide but, you must be willing to either invest into a professional to get it going for you or spend a great deal of time learning to do it yourself.

To more helpful: You should obtain a minimum of 1024MB dedicated RAM for a CS-Cart store and more if possible if also using a hungry control panel like Plesk or cPanel. Even if you have very little client activity.right now because many administration functions are very memory demanding especially with this latest release.