Quick order

I think it should be good if cs-cart include a quick order module.

When you send a catalog to your customer or if your customer know the sku of the product he need , he can put directly the sku and the qty instead to navigate throught the site.

I hope to be clear , because my english it is very bad, but you can see the idea to the following site : [URL=“Site Maintenance”]Site Maintenance

But i think it is better if you have only one ligne at the top of the page

sku : Qty : ok

and under the list of each article you add

sku designation unit qty total

1111111 pc portable 123 $ 2 246 $

and at the botton an icon : place order

I think it is not difficult to developp and it will be a good adon.

Perharps in the next version.


I’m looking for this too. Has anyone implemented this yet?

I would like to see this, too. Many of my customers know the SKUs they need, and most other sites they order from already have a quick adn easy form to order from.

Something that just has:

  • SKU and Quantity (at least 5 lines)
  • Shipping method
  • Payment method

    Then, a confirmation page. Would make life so much easier for dealers and encourage them to order more… boosting my business and allowing me to afford future CS-Cart upgrades! :wink:

You can vote to add this feature in the Ideas forum:



We implemented the quick order form already

Here is a demo: http://cs-cart.seoni…view&page_id=44

Everything is adjustable from admin.[list]

[]Allow only registered or all users to use the form

]Display a quick input to add products by SKU – Intelligent suggestive Search

[]Customizable listing for elements - you can display SKU / Image/ In Stock / Proceed to checkout button

]Ability to display products under this block


[]Customizable default number of products + view more button

]Display products from selected categories

[]Ability to choose default category

]Sorting by Newest, Recently viewed, Most popular, Bestsellers

[]Ability to choose default for sorting

]Limit for products - load more button after it


This is a block, it can be positioned anywhere using cs-cart blocks, on our demo it is in a page, with a link directly from menu.

Looking forward for suggestions.

Beside a search by product title in the same way as search by sku works is there anything else you would improve?

Access to admin is cs-cart default. The block can be found under blocks / pages