Quick Order Updated Questions On Posting

I have made a several functional improvements to “Quick Order” addon by ShippingKit.com I don’t want to have a copyright problem. The add-on is in their “Free software” section. There was no notice in any of the files about ownership or copyright. shippinkit.com has a link to a License Agreement it sounds like it is aimed at there paid software.

What I wondered is it ok to post this updated version here for others or should I send it to ShippingKit for them to redistribute?

Here is a listing of changes:

They only allowed for 1 column. With as rows controlled in block editor.

I have added the following things that can be changed in block editor:

Number columns

Link to page

Text for Link

for logged in users only check box.

The link to page is so you can set up a larger version of the order form. I have attached several images. which shows it on the side and in center. Normaly I would have the side box not show if the larger version is up, just left it up for images.

I have tested this in cs-cart version 2.1.1 and 2.1.4

version 2.1.1

version 2.1.4

admin block edit

Vladimir Dulov (shippingkit.com) has given permission for me to email the complete addon with the enhancements that I made. So PM me if you would like to try it out.

Let me know what you think.


David Dewitt