Quick Order Form


I’m interested in a quick and easy order form for our regular wholesale customers. There used to be one of these available, but it doesn’t work on our current version 4.2.2

I would like to simply have fields for Product code (SKU) and Quantity. It would be great if it could start with say, 10 lines and have the option to add as many as needed if the customer was wanting to order a lot of different products. We don’t use inventory tracking, if that makes any difference.

We have a budget to pay for the development of this. I would like it to look something like the attached image.

Let me know!




Feel free to contact us via the Get A Quote link in my signature and we'll be happy to quote this for you. Did you need any search functionality? Or do your wholesale customers already know the SKUs.

A reasonable addition that might benefit your customers is to allow them to pre-fill by uploading a CSV. Then all they have to do is review and submit.

Other questions relate to things like minimum quantities, and other common wholesale restrictions (like minimum order amount).

Is this for cs-cart or MVE or both?

Please check PM

Thanks for the replies! I like the idea of a csv that they can upload. Our regulars know the skus they typically order. Good ideas. I will check with my boss and get in touch.