Quick Menu with Ultimate

I was using PRO version and the quick menu was a great help.

I've nw installed the Ultimate Edition, but the quick menu only display with the “all stores” option selected.

When we are connected under a shop, impossible to have the quick menu.

Is it normal or is there a solution to have the quick menu displayed on all shops ?

As “All Stores” user, you can either edit the Quick Menu, click the Share tab, and share the quick menu amongst your stores by selecting the stores you wish the quick menu to appear on. Or as the “Store User” you can create a separate Quick Menu for each individual store.

Thanks for your answer… but I think I don't understand well what you explained…

As “All Stores” user, modifying the quick menu is possible but there's no share tab at that point.

And as an individual store user, how can I create a new quick menu ?