Quick Menu Same Level As Logo - On Top To Right

Hi There,

Some help needed please as am not familiar with all the u-beaut functions of 4.5.2. Coming from 2.1.4 a lot of manual positioning of graphics using x-position but not sure how to do that in this new version.

Any and all help appreciated



It is required to check how the top content is organised on your website. Go to Design -> Layouts -> Default page and check the TOP PANEL and HEADER section. You can alter website header there (e.g. use drag and drop feature to move blocks from one place to another)

Thank you for your suggestion I did try that but it created a gap between the Logo and the menu. I am not sure how I would get the effect of a white top/black bottom within the header grid to allow for the logo.

The graphic has the black band included in graphic at this time but I can eliminate the need for that iwithin the background of the grid but I do not a full black background for the logo the shadowing and contrast of the white top is what is required. I want the background to have white top and black bottom. Where would I go to specify that effect.

Alternately if there is a way to place the menu to the right and level with the logo then even better. I assume I would include that in the custom css within the theme editor window? Is this correct?

Any help is appreciated.


It is hard to give you advice without examining current configuration. But I am almost sure, that additional CSS code changes will be required to organise top section according to your needs

Thanks guys - solved my problem. Cheers