Quick Links Bar - Sub Menus

It looks like there are limited options for configuring a sub-menu on the quick links bar at the top.

Is there an addon or some code I could implement to gain more flexibility for configuring these quick link menus?

Example image attached as what it looks like now:


When you look at "fossils for sale" and I selected to show sub-menus for categories, it just makes one huge vertical column that goes off the page. It has no options for selecting only certain categories or sub categories, and it has no option to spread horizontally like the typical category menu does. Example from "fossilera.com" of a menu that spreads horizontally as well as example from the cs-cart category bar below it.

So bottom line is that I would like to be able to configure the quick links bar at the top in a way to display the categories or selected key categories and sub categories in a better way that is more similar to the categories bar that spreads horizontally... and ability to either build this set of menus and sub menus manually or have it automatically build from categories built into the website, but allow me to turn on or off certain categories from this menu.

And beyond just products and product categories, same issue with the "pages" sub-menu but even worse since it seems there is no way to add links to categories of the blog.


If I want the user to be able to use the quick links bar for "blog" to hover and see a category underneath called "book reviews" and another collecting "collecting", there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.

Or If I want to set up a menu that has only select pages or certain pages instead of all pages or no pages...

there has to be a better way!

thanks much for your help all!!






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