Quick Checkout Via Paypal

Hey guys,

I was recently purchasing something from Onlineshoes.com and noticed it has a very easy and quick way to checkout using Paypal.

On the CART page, they have two checkout methods:[attachment=8994:paypal-link.png]

1: Start Secure Checkout -nothing special, you have to enter your billing address, mailing address, and contact information.

[color=#008000]2: Paypal checkout.[/color] -This option skips one page checkout and enters Paypal.com for payment. From there you select your mailing address on record with Paypal or enter a new address. When you return back to the website, it imports your contact information and shipping address to your invoice.


Is this possible with CS-Cart & Paypal?



CS-Cart has this feature and the payment method name is PayPal Express Checkout.

Please take a look: