Questions Regarding Orders & Shipping


I have a few questions which I hope you can help me with.

Processing Orders

1a. Part Processing

Is there a way to part process an order, for example if we only had 1 product in and the customer ordered 3 products, but we still wanted to process 1 product out and the remaining once they became available.

Instead of refunding the other products for them to then have to re-order.

1b. Refunds (HSBC)

We currently use the HSBC Gateway, is there a way to process refunds / part refunds cia CS-Cart itself, or do they have to be manually processed via our gateway provider?

If we can not do this via CS-Cart… is this planned in development?

2. Shipping Charges

2a. Best Way To Setup Shipping Charges?

We have multiple products that are of multiple sizes, weights etc…

So we are having issues trying to setup the shipping as we can enter the shipping cost per product, however if they order multiple products then the shipping cost seems expensive?

2b. Royal Mail

Is development planned for royal mail UK for realtime shipping?

3. Upgrades

3a. I noticed that an upgrade is available, will upgrading the site alter my design?

  1. Shipping Continued.

    4a. Shipping Freight

    I noticed when adding products you can add a shipping freight charge, so this can be used to add the shipping cost for each product.

    However, this only seems to work in the default currency? e.g. UK and does not also apply to International Shipping e.g. Europe??

    Is there a way for this shipping charge to apply to all shipping destinations?