Questions regarding languages


I’m trying to build a website with very broad global appeal and would like to have very robust translations.

Had a few questions:

  • Does anyone know of any place to buy additional languages? I’m looking for (in this order):
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Hindi
    • Arabic
    • Portuguese

  • Related to this, how do I edit flags. For instance, changing the English flag (EN United Kingdom) to a US Flag. Also, I created in Admin a Chinese Language but there is no image for it. I gave it a language code of CT for “Chinese - Traditional” I have no idea how to associate a flag.

    [edit: just realized that country codes are official and need to conform to standards. I found this:

    [url]IMMIGRATION SOFTWARE - ITA; United States IMMIGRATION MENU - Immigration Assistant for Windows; Immigration USA for Windows

    When I entered the code for TW, it shows a Taiwan flag, CN shows a Chinese flag. Does look like Japan, Korea is missing. I could probably find the flag graphic directory and fix this though). Still can’t change the default from EN to US though. Might just swap the image for England to US]

  • Finally, I experimented and changed the Chinese-Traditional translation of “About Us” to 關於我們 But it still shows the English word “About Us” It is active and I can select Chinese - Traditional from the drop down but the language stays as English.
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You can find the professional Arabized versions here:

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