Questions on purchase

[QUOTE]Well here goes this is my last attempt to get a thread posted. It seems plain that posts are vetted for their suitability for showing which has an air of big brother about it and can in no way encourage new users. The other thing I note is less than half the unregistered posts get answered which is a real sales tactic.[/QUOTE]

I do not know for certain whether posts from unregistered users are vetted or not but I can assure you that member’s post are NOT. Quite frankly, the CS-Cart forums are notably more open than some of the competition which will ban members for mentioning competing products even as reference.

I am not sure how you conclude that NOT answering posts is a sales tactic but the fact is that CS-Cart employees do not spend a lot of time monitoring these forums. You can contact CS-Cart directly through their “Contact” form - they answered my presales questions very quickly.

Cs-Cart is delivered electronically: after your purchase you are given access to the Hep Area which includes a File Area from which you can download the product. Version 1.3.4-sp3 is still available for download in the Archive folder in this file area.


Ironically you’ve had your title changed when moved from the “moderated” category. Not sure why but at the end of the day support forum is from the members and you’ll get member’s point of views.

Should you prefer to speak directly to the developers then use the support email.

BTW you can request 1.3.4 Sp3 to be uploaded to your file area for usage.